The “F” word……Your Family is worth it! 

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“My family eats what I eat. I don’t make separate meals for them. They know how to grab and go and head out the door.  They even make the recipes from my TakeDown challenge binder.”
Marissa-42yrs, Amani-12yrs & Maori-10yrs old

Takedown is about Healthy & Balanced Habits. Can you lose 5%-10% BODY FAT? yes!!!
But it’s so much more…..
I get phone calls all the time from mom’s about their kids are getting fat. 1st of all, I don’t use this word around my girls. The “F” (fat) word doesn’t belong in their vocabulary. I teach them about healthy habits & developing lean muscle. They get it.
But, I need to address the issue of YOU being the role model in your household. You do not need to be perfect all the time, but you can buy better food, eat at healthier drive thru’s and bring a cooler with you at events. Little changes can be made & you can still have your “cake & eat it too”…lol BALANCE is the key.

Decisions to invest in your health and your family’s health….It’s that simple!
See if this sounds familiar to you…or if you know someone like this…

  • You are a busy mother of a couple of energetic kids needing your attention 24/7…
  • You have a full time career, and you balance the household as well as the family checkbook…
  • You are a tireless caregiver to aging parents, a special needs child, or a disabled family member, and…
  • You feel guilty if you take time for yourself to squeeze in an exercise program

Sound about right? If so, then you should know that you are not alone. It’s estimated that 85% of caretakers are women.
When you consider that 60 million families are caring for an aging or a disabled loved one, you can see how feeling guilty over an exercise program is a common trait. I know what you are going through!
I’m a mother of 3 growing children. My husband runs Trinity Sports performance, our sports performance division. I run my kids around town to all their activities & coach clients everyday. I plan all the meals, cook at home, write menus and produce some the support material for our TakeDown Challenge™ and TakeDown LifeStyle™ programs.
So you can trust me when I tell you that along with helping to run a business, and keeping up with all the other duties involved … taking a shower can be a luxury! If you can identify with all this so far, then you can probably also identify with this statement…
“Putting everyone else before yourself all this time is probably leaving you heavier than you’ve ever been before.”
At least that’s the way most of the women felt before they started reclaiming their health and fitness at G-Mama Fitness. With all the thought, planning, organizing and attention to details that go into running a household, it can be exhausting. But when you allow your exercise routine to be derailed… when healthy eating isn’t on the menu… and when you don’t sleep well at night due to all the stress… you start to age faster than you should and your health starts to take a major hit. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t reward you for caring for your loved ones. All it knows is, you are not asking it to remain healthy, vibrant, and energetic. All your body knows is…You are not active enough to keep it healthy.

TakeDown Challenge teaches you to make family friendly recipes, while you eat the proper portions for your body.

  • You feel better, have more energy and BONUS: lose body fat, inches and some lbs (pounds) in the process.
  • Your kids enjoy dinner, eat left overs and their behavior improves because they have balanced meals.
  • You will learn how to make snacks that work to fuel your body.
  • You will learn how to eat at restaurants better.
  • You will boost your metabolism.
  • You will get results….Guaranteed

Invest in your health. For $54.75/ per week you have a FREE expert fitness training program & Nutrition coaching

Yes! I’m Ready for the TakeDown Challenge

It’s time to stop feeling guilty and selfish about taking care of yourself! Because if you are not taking care of yourself —FIRST — you won’t be around to take care of anyone else.

It’s not selfish to first take care of yourself, it’s your responsibility! You’ve taken care of others for years.
Now it’s time someone helps you take care of you.
That’s where The TakeDown Challenge comes into play.
The TakeDown Challenge is designed to take care of you in the same way you take care of others. We remove the bulk of the thinking, so you don’t have too. We take care of your workout plan, we take care of your menu selection, grocery lists and recipes.
I know one of the hardest things you do is meal preparation, so I’ve eliminated that obstacle for you by coaching the The TakeDown Challenge.

Click here: TakeDown Challenge™ and sign-up today!!

Yes! I’m Ready for the TakeDown Challenge

You will receive Pricing & Details after you register. For $54.75/ per week you have a FREE expert training program & Nutrition coaching

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