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Reclaim Your Health and Fitness.

Would you like to lose weight quickly, safely and permanently? How does 12-24 pounds in just 28 days sound? It might sound too good to be true, but at Garage Mama Fitness we are proud to offer a unique solution for weight loss in the Orlando area that really makes it happen.

The Kick Start Program™ has become famous for helping people lose weight, drop dress and pant sizes, transform their bodies, look and feel better than they have in years – all in just 28 days.

Our nutrition programs, come with a guarantee that you will lose 12 to 24 pounds and 5% to 15% body fat in just four weeks. So you have absolutely nothing to lose except those excess pounds.

By following The Kick Start Program™ exercise plan and advice on nutrition, you will be making a long-lasting and radical change to your life that will leave you feeling happier than you have in years.

Marissa Martinez-Herring


Pat – The Kick Start Program™

“The Kick Start Program provided me with a road map as I call it that made this journey clear and easy to follow.”

With these tools in place you showed me how to properly use each one which ultimately led me to lose 29 pounds in 28 days. The results were amazing! Since completing the program I have lost an additional 3 pounds and I presently find myself at my ideal weight of 191 pounds. I can now see my “six-pack” after 20 year hibernation :-). Thank you once again with helping me to accomplish my goals!”

“Forever in your debt, Pat”

Save The Dates

Mandatory Weigh-in, Measurements, Photos & Profile assessments.

Jan 8th, 9th and 10th by appointment.

Available times 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM and 5pm – 6:30 PM

Mandatory Orientation Meeting

Saturday, Jan 13th at 7:00 AM or Saturday, Jan 13th at 6:30pm

Hi, This is Marissa from Garage Mama Fitness, and a decade of helping clients shed body fat, drop dress sizes, take in the belt a few notches, I know one thing — it can be very hard to eat smart and lose weight. Even for myself, it can be a struggle to eat all the right things, in the right amounts. I often would love it if someone would just tell me EXACTLY WHAT TO DO and not have to figure it all out by myself.

Well if you can relate to this, I have a program that you are going to LOVE!

It’s called the Kick Start Program

Starts January 12th, 2018

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Kick Start – Jan 2018
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What is it?

It’s a 28-day nutrition kickstart where we will be telling you EXACTLY what to eat, how much, and how often. And the results you will experience will be incredible! You see, the program has been designed to take the guesswork out of your nutrition.

We will guide you step-by-step with tons of killer recipes specially designed to give you balanced nutrition while being super easy to follow. You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to use them. I mean, if I can do it — anybody can. In fact, you’ll probably find that you’re already eating many of the foods we’ll be recommending.

We’ll put together weekly grocery lists for you that make it easy to buy what you need. And most importantly, you will know EXACTLY how much you should be eating as well as when you should eat.


Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or just live healthy, the limiting factor is almost always nutrition. Check out the advantages of this unique method of weight loss:

  •  Learn once and for all exactly how you should be eating as an individual in order to reach your goals.
  • Make new supportive friends, gain a new found level of confidence in your body.
  • Each week, you will receive new Recipes, new Individual Menus and a new Grocery list to take all the guess work out of what you should be eating.
  • Expect to be challenged, inspired, motivated, supported, coached, educated and trained by one of America’s elite professional teams of fitness experts.

Is there support?

You will be a part of an exclusive group of like-minded individuals that will help and support each throughout the 28-days. Believe it, there is a lot of power in not doing this alone. The research is clear about that.

On top of that you’ll be enjoying power walks and fitness activities ONLY for participants of The Kick Start Program.

And to wrap it all up, we’ll have a party and nutrition seminar at the end to celebrate your success!

So What can you Expect at the end of the 28 Days?

Well, how excited would you be if you lost 5-10% of your body weight or more?

I mean, that could be 8…12…even 24 lbs or more…in just a month!
What would that mean to you?

Your clothes will fit better, you’ll look better…but most importantly, you’ll have a new sense of empowerment and control because you now KNOW the secret! You will be able to follow this for the rest of your life!

You want to lose more weight?

You now know HOW to do it. You want to maintain where you are and just not gain it back? You now know HOW to do it. You will never again feel that you are at the mercy of your body. You’ll be in control and you don’t have to give that up!

So there’s a lot of great things included in the Kick Start Program

The Kick Start™ Program Includes:

  • Initial Evaluation: This is where we’ll measure your starting point and develop your plan to get you maximum results.
  • Orientation: You will receive your Kick Start™ binder at this meeting, as well as all your directions and information. You’ll learn exactly how to start The Kick Start™ and be on your way to better results faster than ever, and you will be fired up with fresh focus!
  • Weekly Assessments: Our team of technicians will review your food journal and weigh you. Each week, you will receive new Recipes, new Individual Menus and a new Grocery List.
  • Free Training Sessions & Group Power Walks: 2x a week for 4 weeks: Kick your fitness into gear with these fat blasting cardio workouts. (Unlimited sessions available) SCHEDULE
  • Free Nutrition Seminar: Learn how past participants have lost 15,000 LBS!
  • Final Evaluation/Long Term Success Plan: See how well you did during the Kick Start™ and let us help you develop a plan to build on the momentum you have created and make 2018 your Healthiest and Best year Ever!


Get in Shape for 2018 & have the chance to win a $1,000.00-$250.00 in Prizes as well as other great prizes!
(First Place Receives a Training & Nutrition Package Worth $1,000.00, Grand Prize!)

What about rewards?

Yes, there is a contest aspect to The Kick Start Program! We’ll be giving away a lot of great things from incredible personal training packages ($1,000.00-$200.00 in prizes) here at Garage Mama Fitness to a host of other great things from our sponsors. But the biggest win of all is the new life that you have created for yourself. Your new mastery of the nutrition puzzle. You will have the tools and the knowledge of how to live your life to its fullest!

Our Kick Start Program SELLS OUT fast.

We limit the number of challengers in order to provide great coaching & service.
If you are truly ready to make a positive change in your life, if you are truly ready to learn how to enjoy delicious & tasty meals and get results, then this is THE BEST PROGRAM for you!
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It’s all about Kickstarting your lifestyle to be healthy, energized & strong!

Eric Sassenberg

Eric Sassenberg

“I got a call to do a national photo shoot and only had only 6 weeks to prepare! I called for help, they immediately put me on the Kick Start Challenge & then the Life Style nutrition program , between that and training, I lost 32lbs in 6 weeks. I ended up in the best shape of my life for the photo shoot!”
Thanks You,
Eric Sassenberg

*Individual Results May Vary


The  Lifestyle program has been an enormous help to me in changing my eating habits along with my goal to lose weight. The material provided is easy to understand and frankly very simple to incorporate day to day. The program provides the tools to understand and undertake a balanced nutrient rich lifestyle of eating which we should all do on a daily basis anyway but don’t. Additionally if I have any questions on what I am doing or need to do better. I can always talk with my Nutritionist. to get answers. Doing the Lifestyle program along with regular strength training sessions has enabled me to effect significant changes in my metabolic statistics such as blood pressure. glucose, cholesterol, etc. It is a great program and definitely helps me with my commitment and accountability to a better me!!

*Individual Results May Vary


“The Lifestyle” totally transformed my body and my mind. When I started the program my goal was to focus more on my body fat percentage rather then just losing weight. I used to feel so tired. I was unmotivated and had the worst eating habits. Thanks to the TakeDown Lifestyle and the guidance of my Food Coach, I’m feeling more energetic and my body looks better then I ever dreamed of. This program is not a quick fix diet it’s a lifestyle change. I’m amazed at how easy it is to stick to and love that I can still eat some of my favorite foods.

*Individual Results May Vary

“I cannot believe that the Kick Start recipes take care of my cravings. That is my go to when I crave something specific and, so far, I’ve been doing great. I will emphasize that you should try the recipes that are close to the foods that you have regular cravings for, because, I can almost guarantee you that it will satisfy it.  The Kick Start Program can correct cravings right from the get go!!”

 35lbs GONE!!! 
*Individual Results Might Vary
Coral Mohler

Garage Mama Fitness


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