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Your 1 hour sessions are booked with your personal trainer offering 1 on 1 coaching. Consultation, nutrition, supplement advice and planning with monthly consults to keep you on track are part of your sessions.



  • Indoor Football Field: Top of the line sports turf, which reduces knee and ankle injuries.
  • Free weights area
  • Plate loaded machines
  • Selectorized Machines
  • Ballet Bar
  • 2 restrooms and a Shower Facility
  • Kitchen area
  • Self monitored Kids zone (ages 5+)
  • Outdoor training space
  • Sports training area with Atlas Speed

Small Group Training        TRY A FREE CLASS  

(6 members to 1 Certified trainer)

Do you want to feel younger and look good naked?!GroupPic

Do you want to feel younger and look good naked?! Our group training programs build muscle, shred body fat, and make you feel amazing by taking it to the next level with the guidance of a professional trainer. Small Group Personal Training programs provide smaller, intimate class sizes with more individualized attention. We limit our group to 6 people, so we can modify for any type of fitness level.Your trainer will lead your group to coach you through exercises on everything from kettle bell training, barbell training, TRX suspension training, functional training, core training and so much more. Draw from the energy of your group as you push yourself for real results and have fun while doing it. These sessions are always 45 minutes of motivation and the workouts are never the same….EVER!


Almost every bit of scientific research tells us that the best way to train is through functional training and dynamic movements. Functional refers to training specific movement patterns such as pushing, pulling, flexing (or bending) and extending, without losing the strength component. This type of training targets the entire body, not target specific muscle groups like machines. Functional Training produces an overall higher level of all-around conditioning and reduces the risk of injury. You’re also less likely to get bored. Be prepared… you will definitely be working outside your exercise comfort zone. When you’re in a small group of like-minded people, working hard to get results…how can you not stay on track?

Our Semi Private Training sessions are:

  • SAFE

    – Our classes are carefully designed to accommodate all levels of fitness. Also, the exercises we use can be altered to suit your needs. We know it can be intimidating to try something new, that’s why our coaches will be there to help you along the way and allow you to recognize the benefits of our safe and effective fitness programs.

  • FUN

    – With our sessions, you will have fun while working towards the results you want. We do NOT teach our classes like an army camp. No yelling and barking out commands. Our sessions are always different & offer a variety of different training styles to keep you engaged & motivated. Our coaches will always be by your side for support and encouragement. So grab a group of close friends, or come solo and make some new ones. Most of all, get ready to have fun while burning calories and getting fitter than ever.


    – Our sessions will help you develop the skills you can use when performing in sports or other types of workouts. Our training sessions are a great way to proactively avoid all-too-common health problems such as heart attacks and obesity. We will give you the knowledge you need to stay strong for the long run so that you can enjoy and live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

PERSONAL TRAINING             Special Offer (Click Here)

Accepting Clients of All Skill Levels!


If you want the absolute best results in the shortest amount of time – then our Personal Training programs are for you. G-Mama Fitness offers a truly unique, personal training experience in a completely private fitness facility. G-Mama Fitness trainers are experts in the fitness world, Nationally Certified Professionals, with many years of experience. NFL, USAG, USTF and NPC Fitness champions. Our facility is reserved for just our clients to maintain a personal, comfortable and exclusive atmosphere. Our advanced training techniques combine weight training, plyometrics, functional movements, pure strength and interval training. This way your body always has to change, evolve and get fit…faster! Our fitness team is 100% dedicated to our clients and their goals. Each and every session, the client will be personally led and trained by a certified personal trainer who will effectively, efficiently and safely put you through the best workouts of your life and at the same time will be teaching proper fitness values, exercise techniques and share valuable knowledge. We will keep you focused, on track and motivated like never before. In this scenario you will achieve results you never, ever thought possible. All backed up by our NO Hassle money back guarantee.

We Take It Personally PersonalTrainingPic

G-Mama Fitness trainers are experts, Nationally Certified Professional Trainers who will help you launch a smart, progressive, exercise program, move beyond stubborn plateaus, break out of fitness ruts and re-energize your workout. And along the way, they’ll challenge you, change your outlook and build confidence – with results that extend far beyond the mirror. During your workout sessions we work to not only give you direction but also explain the reasons behind our methods so you’ll know exactly what we’re doing and why. Our purpose is to help our clients achieve and maintain optimal health through a process that includes:

  • Analysis

    – We know how to identify fitness needs and how to efficiently bring about the desired results and benefits. We also provide 1-on-1 Nutrition coaching. To guarantee your program is complete & gets your the fastest results

  • Customized Planning

    – Once we know what you want, we put together an exercise plan that is guaranteed to achieve your goal. You will never again wonder what to do or how to do it. We use a diverse program of training techniques to keep you motivated.

  • Organization

    – We organize your workout before you arrive so we can focus completely on you. One of the reasons our program is so valuable and successful is because of this vital organization: when you are here, we focus entirely on you and you’ll leave having an effective, efficient workout experience.

  • Coaching

    – As coaches we ensure that each exercise is done properly. We avoid injuries and maximize the benefit of each motion. We also ensure that you do the right amount of each exercise; too little won’t bring about change, and too much will slow down your rate of improvement.

  • Research

    – We take pride in staying at the cutting edge of the latest science regarding health, exercise science, and nutrition. Many of our personal trainers are contributing authors to our magazine and other publications.

  • Results Tracking

    – Every 4-weeks we measure your results to show your progress relative to your goals.

  • Accountability

    – Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we help you stay accountable and consistent. In order to bring about real change, we’ve found that people benefit most by having a personal fitness coach who is directly responsible for your success in the program. They will demand accountability – not unkindly, but firmly – because it is necessary for success, and as we’ve already said, success is our business. Because your personal trainer develops a workout plan and organizes each workout for you, all you need to do is come ready to work. Showing up is the number one rule for success.

Boot Camps that ROCK! Try A FREE Class  

  • The Basic principles of boot camp style workouts that provide quick results (which we all love) and created a completely new way to use them in a safe and effective training program for everyone of all fitness levels so that you can be your best self.
  • Boot camp class combines intervals of cardio drills and body weight training exercises to provide you with the ultimate circuit workout. You can burn 400 – 600 calories in a variety of exercises that may use jump ropes, boxing drills, free weights & bands.
  • Expect the unexpected in these full-body boot camp classes, which are packed with lots of variety, tons of fun, and even a little healthy competition. If it’s not fun, you won’t do it – but here, you’ll quickly find yourself addicted to our special brand of sassy-ness and spirit!


For more youth programs, visit our Partner Atlas Speed

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Complimentary Fitness Diagnostic Consultation

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During your consultation you will receive:

  • Specific to you information from a one of our coaches on how to transform YOUR body in record time (everyone is different, so you need to discover what will work for YOU)
  • Finally! Actionable, step-by-step advice on how you can achieve your health & fitness goals
  • The opportunity to sign on as a client and get fit and healthy once and for all (if there’s availability)
  • And so much more!

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