45lbs down and 12 inches off!

“I came to Garage Mama Fitness as I was desperate to lose weight.  I was tired all the time and could not face going up another size in clothes. I was healthy and excised often most of my life.  Then I had children.  I got caught up in the day to day of working and being a mom.  One of my friends told me “The only thing that you can truly control in life is your body by what you eat and excise”.  But I had forgot how to take care of myself.  Marissa and the amazing coaches of Garage Mama Fitness showed me how to eat healthy and how to push myself to want more for MYSELF.  

I started Kick Start and Balance Habits programs in May and have lost 45lbs in 6 months and 12 inches off my waist!  I am totally hooked.  I will never go back to my old life style and the big clothes are out of the closet forever.  Garage Mama is now my family and way of life.  I can’t thank Marissa enough and would recommend it to everyone.”

Leann D

Total 31lbs down!!!! During the 28 day program.

Here is Elizabeth..winner from Kickstart May 2017 

“21 pounds down in 2 weeks!!!! No more excuses.
I work 4 nights a week, 12 hour shifts taking care of patients all night.
You have to make yourself a priority. No matter how busy you are, there is just no excuse!
Find time, make it work! Have your family help you, your spouse, anyone!”

Go to your work outs @Gmamafitness, the best motivation is found there. – Elizabeth C

I dropped a total of 26 lbs through both programs and it was worth every penny!

“Marissa and the team of trainers at Garage Mama Fitness have completely changed my life. I came to them because I was overweight, not confident, not happy and I was loosing hope since I am constantly exercising to participate in triathlons, half marathons, and full marathons. Through all of that I never shedded a pound.
I had awful eating habits and my job required me to travel for at least 50% of the year. The Kick Start and Balanced Life programs changed that. The program taught me when and what to eat. I immediately started dropping weight even though in some cases I was eating more!
Marissa was able to correct my habits by looking at my journal and now I no longer crave all the sweets. Even when I am on travel I am able to continue the programs philosophy while eating at restaurants. I am now happy, more energetic, sleep better, confident and the classes have really toned my body.
Thank you Garage Mama Fitness! – Staci R

18% body Fat lost and 38lbs Dropped

“My journey started at the end of March of this year when I went to my doctor’s office for a checkup. I got on the scale, and it said 309! I knew I needed to do something. I have an excellent friend who was going to Garage Mama, and she loved the program, so she invited me. I went once, and I was hooked. I am not going to lie and say it was easy because it was NOT although it did get more comfortable as I started to lose weight. In the beginning, I could barely walk in the morning, I was so swollen and sore, and now I spring out of bed. The workouts are still really tough, but I keep challenging myself to finish. The folks that work at Garage Mama have changed my life. I have WAY more energy, fewer headaches, and feel so much stronger. I can walk around the lake behind our house (around 2 miles) where before I would get winded just going to the end of our block. You cannot outrun your food, so I also followed a particular diet that allows me to change the way I eat. A menu of protein, fat, and carbs coupled with cardio and strength training has changed me forever. Thank you to the many coaches that have helped me along the way and special thanks to Marissa who never let me use excuses. My journey is not over as I have a personal goal to hit 170 and I am excited just thinking about how that will feel Be encouraged by my story and know you can do it too!” – Kasey B


I joined Garage Mama Fitness in January of 2013, as part of my New Year’s resolution to get in shape, and lead a healthier lifestyle. The workouts at Garage Mama Fitness, combined with their meal plans and supplements, have helped me achieve results I could have never imagined. I am now feeling the fittest I have been in years. I would definitely recommend Marissa and her team at Garage Mama Fitness to anyone who is serious about changing their life, and taking their fitness to a new level.


Results may vary

I am a 39 year old mother of two. I work full time as a nurse and decided that it was my turn to get my body back to where I wanted it to be. My back an knees were killing me. I was 20 pounds over weight and very unhappy. Always tugging at my clothes to pull them down. Until this point in my life I had tried every pill, diet, and excuse under the sun. I don’t have time. I can’t eat every three hours I have patients. I can’t work out I have errands to run and a house to clean. I was tired all the time and consuming excess calories on energy drinks and soda just to stay awake. So I contacted Marissa and trusted her to get me back to my pre pregnancy weight. I am happy to say I am 20lbs and 16.5 inches lighter and it took me 3 months the accomplish it. Until you want it the excuses will always win!!!!!


Now that I’ve been on both sides as a coach and client, I look forward to pushing people as much as I push myself! I am down 70 pounds since February 2013.


I could not be happier with my experience. I flirted with weight loss all last year and dropped 10 pounds in 12 months. That is pretty good but not the results I needed. I knew I had to do something more. At first glance, the 21 day challenge seems like it will be manageable. You think: “sure, I can set aside three weeks to tackle this problem.” It has to be done with both diet and exercise. Results won’t happen unless those two are difficult and in sync. By day three, I was unsure of my resolve-
the diet was getting tough. At the first workout, I thought I might pass out. You need someone in the program with you or truly supporting you from home in order to get over that first hurdle. After the first week I lost five pounds. It was proving to be effective.


I can’t tell you how happy I am with my results. Marissa’s work outs along with the supplements and a healthy meal plan have brought to the best shape I have ever been in. I am a 36 Year old mother of 2. I am also a restaurant owner, so you can imagine how many times per day I am faced with temptation of eating pizza or sweets. My story begins in March of 2012 when I looked at pictures of myself that were recently taken and didn’t recognize myself. I had slowly gained a total of 40 pounds over the course of 4 years, and simply could not loose it. I was depressed, and unhappy with how I looked and felt. I began with a strict meal plan and lost some weight, but my body was still not in shape or toned at all. My energy was also very low. I then began working out with Marissa and BAM within just 3 weeks I had dropped 15 pounds. Marissa placed me on a meal plan along with personal training at Garage Mama’s facility. I became hooked. I’ve worked out and have done classes for years and NEVER have gotten results this incredible ever before. I then began taking advantage of all the nutrition supplements that Garage Mama has to offer.I feel 10 years younger and have so much energy. I can work in my restaurant around pizza, pasta, pasties, calzone and more….and not even desire it. I now crave Healthy food only. My life has changed thanks to the help of Marissa and the entire Garage Mama Fitness Team!​


I researched Kim and Marissa and attended an open house they sponsored by the West Orange Chamber of Commerce and found their gym to be what I was looking for. Them being Chamber members was also a positive as it showed their commitment to the West Orange Business Community!

I was looking for a program that would be a fit for my wife and myself as
previous programs intimidated her and we were not able to work together. I have been ​part of Crossfit and other programs when in the Metro-Atlanta area and was in the best shape of my life but we moved back to Florida and with all of the changes in our lives and EXCUSES let all that hard work go to waste.

We reached a point where we both weighed the most in our lives and none of our clothes would fit and we were determined to turn this around.

Like many people we made our New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get in shape as our 55th birthdays are approaching this year. The “21 Day Challenge” was an excellent way for us to get started and do this together to motivate each other to stick to the diet and exercise program! It was also very competitive cost wise!

We found Merissa, Kim and Maricel to be very dedicated and gave individual attention as the recognized the different level and needs of each client. We were so pleased with the “21 Day Program” we signed up for Phase II. Cheryl and I are dedicated to sticking with this program to reach our weight and health goals. Yes, you can do this at home but with the diet plans, encouragement and personal support from the Garage Mama Fitness Team it makes it easier to stick to the plan and reach your goals. I highly recommend the program and the “Garage Mama Fitness Team”. If you are looking to change your health and weight and your life and the big gyms intimidate you, the personal touch of a boutique training center like Garage Mama Fitness is for you!


Marissa Herring of Garage Mama has been an inspiration to us all and with an energy and commitment that made us look forward to her tough class time after time. She has been a “funtastic” coach but tough enough to make us always go the extra mile in every workout, even when we thought we could not go any longer. She made us realize those extra moves and reps where the ones that counted the most and we felt triumphant at the finish line for doing the extra work. Her workouts were fun and non-monotonous but tough, she came with a different game plan for every class. She believed in us and taught us the concept of nutritional value of each meal. How improper eating affects our workouts and depletes our energy levels and what were the proper foods to eat before and after workouts for best productivity. She also supported each one of our individual needs regardless of our ​body type, size, shape. Her knowledge and commitment to PMI took our group from ground level, when we could not even complete a lap around the parking lot to finishing a complete Garage Mama tough hour and that is working out with nature in the heat of the summer outdoors.

This has been an experience like no other with Marissa Herring’s Garage Mama techniques, her knowledge, her energy and her dedication to us has changed the way we live our lives and made us incorporate fitness as a priority into our everyday living.

Betty Smith

2x Tri-Fitness World Champion
Lifestyle Management Coach

As a client, Marissa was one of my most focused elite athletes. I’ve yet to see her waver at any challenge placed before her. She is FIERCE beyond measure!

As a trainer, she is one of the best in my book. Her mindset towards training – whether it be herself or her clients – is purpose-driven and infused with Heart. Although she is certainly a no-nonsense, get-it-done kind of woman, Marissa has a gift for knowing how to balance her intense coaching style with a genuinely caring demeanor and a charisma you instantly fall in love with the moment. She understands how to get her clients motivated, and inspire the internal mental ‘shift’ necessary for them to not only meet their goals, but surpass everything they thought was possible with their bodies, their minds and their lives! No matter what their fitness level, any woman who hires Marissa is blessed to call her “Coach” and “Mentor.”​

Sylvia Ferrero

Before having kids, I was very active and enjoyed learning about nutrition and exercise. However, I took my fitness for granted, as most women without kids do. After having our first child, it took 9 months for the weight to come off and I was pregnant with our second before our first turned one. I never really had the chance to fully recover my pre-preganancy level of fitness.

After having my second child, it took me 18 months to get my “pre-kids” shape back! I had to work super hard at it, but I stayed with it and became focused again on my own health and fitness.

I reconnected with Marissa during this time, and I am so happy I did! Even though I had surpassed my fitness goals, Marissa became super inspirational to me in seeing someone who had been through my same struggles of having kids, losing your shape, and then fighting to get it back. As women, we all go through it in one way or another. Marissa reminded me that fitness and health are a way of life and not just a simple “get skinny” plan. Skinny is not the goal, but instead, weight maintenance is an active part of our daily way of living.

Sylvana Lewis


I wanted to take this time to tell you about how you have helped me. I grew up an athlete, always working out and in extremely good shape. As time passed and I had children, I became inactive and began cooking for my family. I felt like cooking a big comforting meal showed them how much I loved them. And then one day, I woke up fat. I have felt discouraged and hopeless for years. After I met you, you guided me in what meal plan I should use and what types of work outs I should do. I began August 1st with your three week meal plan and adding a weight program to my cardio. I changed certain things in my diet and exercise through your instruction that I thought was helping me when in fact it was hurting me. In three months, I have lost 16 lbs and 15 inches and I feel great. My goal is to lose another 40 pounds but every day I feel more encouraged and powerful knowing I am doing the right thing working toward my goal of overall health. Thank you for everything you have done for me. You don’t know how much I appreciate your guidance and support

Leigh E. Caldwell

I am posting this to say thank you. . . Having you train me long distance has made a big difference. Thank you for always picking up the phone when I call, answering when I email, and being a good friend. You inspire me and make me believe I can get to a place where I am at peace and feel good about myself. Thanks, Coach

Colleen McDonell-Johansen

*Before & After Individual Results May Vary, Please contact us to discuss options.



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